Musikmagazin MOJO 2013/09 mit CD
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Musikmagazin MOJO 2013/09 mit CD

Preis pro Einheit (Stück): € 13,50

September 2013: Zeitschrift & CD MOJO.   13,50 €

Mojo Verlag, England. Heft; Hochformat: 29,5 cm x 21 cm; 132 Seiten,

viele Farb- und Schwarzweiß Abbildungen, mit CD, englischsprachig.


FREE CD! SUB POP SILVER JUBILEE: rock-hard nuggets from the entire 25-year history of Nirvana’s legendary original label. From Mudhoney and The U-Men through Low and J Mascis to Daughn Gibson and Shabazz Palaces – the cream of Seattle and beyond.

NIRVANA EXCLUSIVE! On the 20th anniversary of In Utero, writer Jon Savage and bandmates Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic revisit the last days and final act of Kurt Cobain.

PETER GABRIEL The former Genesis frontman guides Mark Blake through an ’80s pop reinvention on the road to So, fame, sadness, therapy and a kind of satisfaction.

THE BEATLES Misstep, disaster, or a game-changing landmark? Damon Wise and John Harris reassess the weird watershed of HELP!

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ROOTS Questlove and MacManus take Dorian Lynskey into the blue-black soul visions and friendship spawned by their new LP.

NINE INCH NAILS From drugs and detox to well-adjusted family man with a new NIN album to promote, Trent Reznor ’fesses all to Ben Mitchell.

JULIA HOLTER The Joni Mitchell of homespun avant-pop comes into focus and explains her peaceful world to Sonny Baker.

REVIEWED Goldfrapp / Franz Ferdinand / Kanye West / Devo / Chic / Nilsson / Mudhoney / Elton John / Laura Marling / The National / Cody Chesnutt

PLUS Jake Bugg and Jon Anderson invite us in / Bobby Bland and Slim Whitman ride into the sunset / Belinda Carlisle’s cocaine years / Bright Phoebus returns / Bat For Lashes draws herself / Denmark’s Pinkunoizu emerge / David Lynch blows our minds / Bob Geldof revives the Rats